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Open hardware and software designs for track-day tools by Bdale Garbee.

Bdale has a strong commitment to Free Software, and as a long time contributor to the Debian project is fully committed to the Debian Social Contract. In the context of what you find here, this translates into an absolute commitment to respect user freedom:

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Where to Buy the Hardware

Cursus Metrum products are available directly from Bdale's web store.


Keep watching this space!


These are projects we're working on that may become products someday:

  • TirePyro a recording direct-contact tire pyrometer with some novel features.

Track Driving

The motivation for the circuits and software you will find on this site is Bdale's fascination with High Performance Driver Education (HPDE) and related track-day events.

As Bdale becomes a more proficient driver with a dedicated track car, the urge to apply his skills and experience with electronics to creating new data collection and analysis tools increases. And Cursus Metrum is the result!

United States flag Cursus Metrum products are designed and manufactured in the United States of America.

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